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THANK YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!

If you CONTINUE to help lead the way, I will continue to follow you by LEADING US to a better, more INSPIRATIONAL, POSITIVE and LOVING tomorrow!

I'm excited that you are on this journey with us... I hope to personally meet you one day! ... BIG LOVE AND LIGHT ALL THE WAY!! 

Thousands of women are learning the secrets to being sexy at any size. It doesn't matter how much you weigh, what your age is or if you think "not me!" 

You CAN look like the sexy woman you'll LOVE to be. Don't get left behind and wake up one morning wondering why you are still feeling the same way.

You don’t need to hire an expensive stylist, go on a crazy diet, exercise until you pass out, have thousands of dollars or be a Hollywood celebrity to be sexy and beautiful. 

Sexy at Any Size! unlocks the secrets to looking beautiful and loving yourself as you are right now. This book is a must-have manual of insider tips for celebrity sexiness. 

You will receive an
  of the body, mind and soul. Any woman can easily look attractive and confident at any size, weight or age.

You just need a few insider secrets to make you look and feel like a million bucks (many which are entirely FREE!)

I will show you methods I learned in the plus size modeling industry and my own life experience:

How you can go from feeling “fat” to fabulous, look and feel like a celebrity, gain more energy and feel sexy in your own skin.

Best of all, these methods are easy for anyone to follow. 

And don’t worry about it taking all day to look great. Many of these easy tips can be completed within 60 seconds or less.

I've put these make-up, hair, clothing and lifestyle tips called  "Sexy Secrets" all together into one easy to follow book for ALL women to feel their sexiest--- in many cases, in 60 seconds or less.


You will soon discover the following:

 Secret #1: The #1 secret to increase your confidence literally overnight

 Secret #2: How to dress right for your body type … (what to wear, the right bra, sexy LBDs and more!)

 Secret #3: Ways to gain more energy and sexual appeal - even after working long hours or taking care of the kids

  Secret #4: 101 quick, easy and even FREE tips to start using right away that won’t cost you a penny

 Secret #5: How to feel sexy in your body at any size, weight or age even if you think “not me… I’m too old… too fat… too whatever.”

 Secret #6: How to magnetically attract people to you

 Secret #7: The easiest way to get what you want in your life

 Secret #8: How to become the IRRESISTIBLE woman you’ll LOVE to be

What Hollywood Is Talkin' About...

Did you know 80% of men we polled right here on this website believe the 'sexiest woman ever' is their wife/girlfriend?

It was so shocking, I was invited to speak out numerous times on national news to spread this message to the world.

You will discover new ways to re-think beauty, over 101 exciting secrets to look and feel your sexiest and even some information that may be shocking to you.

Over the years, I have received thousands of positive emails from women and men all over the world. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, famous celebrities, CEOs, stay-at-home moms, fathers, young girls, teens, college students, single men, clothing companies, fashion designers, aspiring plus-size models and everyone in between...


“Being "sexy at any size" starts with believing in your own beauty and 'sexiness' and then creating a life based on enhancing those qualities from every aspect, inside and out.” – Glamazon Girls


"Sexy At Any Size is the perfect book to help you realize your full potential and value no matter your size!" - Maggie Brown, Tyra's Thick and Sexy Top Model


"Women worry over self-esteem issues even if they're a little overweight. Nancy Hayssen posing nude for a controversial ad campaign has shown you can be beautiful at any size." - The Times, India

“It is so important for people to feel good about themselves and to wear the body with the right healthy fit for them. Gratefully we are not a one size fits all world, and we encourage a society that applauds all healthy shapes and sizes.” - Lynn S. Grefe, Chief Executive Office, National Eating Disorders Association
"I learned how to feel/look sexier after pregnancy! It's one of the last things I was thinking about. I know other post pregnancy moms who could use some tips…I was looking for some help to spice myself up!" - Jessee Brooklyln, NY, USA "Nancy's book is a rare gem for plus-size women. It is full of inspirational and practical advice and tips to look and feel great!” - Yuliya Zeltser, Designer and Founder, IGIGI, igigi.com, in sizes 12-32

"I love this book!! It made me realize that sexy needs to come from the inside and it will follow through the outside. Think sexy, feel sexy and you will become that sexy woman!" - Pinky, Dance Finalist from Oxygen’s Dance Your Ass Off
“I felt sexier just reading it!  Nancy goes one step further and gives action tips to put what we’ve read into practice.   I have all of our Customer Service Reps read this book. It has lots of fresh creative ideas to share with customers who call wanting to buy sexy lingerie to spice things up!" - Rebecca Jennings President & CEO HipsandCurves.com
"Until I read the book I kept thinking, I must do this or that to lose weight or get into X size of jeans; but now I have some clever ideas on how to work with what I have (and the conviction that what I have is GREAT) and make the best of it." - Reena Daruwalla, Freelance Writer, India "Nancy Hayssen is exactly what curvy women need! This book is an inspiration and breath of relief! Not only is everything in the book a great way to be motivated but it is also the exact truth that every women needs to hear! YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!" - Lisa Essling, Amazon Barbi New York, NY
"With the information I have been able to help my friends understand it is our uniqueness that is beautiful, in all shapes and size." - Ginny Medeiros, Inventor Blacklight Sunless Tanning Sonoma County, California

Sexy At Any Size has terrific tips for any woman looking to enhance her image and feel more confident! This book makes you look good AND feel good—it’s a winner!”- Lorie Marrero, Creator of ClutterDiet.com and author of The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life
"I have always been self conscious of my body and even more so after having a child! Sexy at Any Size was extremely helpful with all of it's wonderful tips AND in realizing that being sexy really is just a state of mind!" -  Rocio Torres-Murphy    Santa Rosa, CA
"Nancy's book is a terrific combination of excellent tips on how to look great on the outside and how to feel great on the inside. It's all about confidence and believing in yourself. Thanks Nancy!" 
- Anne Mackenzie, Intuitive Counselor and Editor/Writer Santa Rosa, California
“I have enjoyed reading and re-reading your book... it has helped me to see that I am beautiful at this age and size and I'm beginning to be more self accepting … although it is a work in progress... I have always had poor self and body image...so your book was a little treasure to find on my healing journey lots of love. I tell my friends who are… also in recovery about the message in your book, because I know what you say is true… sometimes we are blind to the truth but as the saying goes ‘the truth shall set you free.’” -  Julie O'Donnell Andrews, Dudley, West Midlands ENGLAND "I loved that I felt pretty again and not just some fat blob. I also felt very comfortable with my body for the first time. It's a self-esteem boost that everyone needs. I loved being able to know how to look sexy instantly. I did not realize that by doing something as simple as one of the tricks that is talked about could make you look sexier. Some of the tips are common sense while others I was shocked to find out! I felt a big ego boost like I could get any man I wanted." 
- Jennifer White Santa Rosa, California, USA
"Great book! Easy to read and uplifting! A must have for any woman who wants to be confident and sexy in her own skin!” 

 PLUS Model Radio, Chenese Lewis
"I found many great tips incorporated with it as well as other battles that women may have. I felt really really attractive after using the tips. It felt good to know other women have the same feelings towards weight as I do. I think that it is a great resource for post-teen adults and women of all ages." 
- Nicole Haggadone Dallas, Texas

"Nancy Hayssen's book and message are what every women needs and what I wish for every woman to experience!  To feel sexy no matter what her body shape and size!  To believe self-love, self-acceptance, and self-care are more important than what the scale reads.  Ask any man what he finds more attractive and he'll say, "A woman who believes in herself and believes she's attractive." I believe our whole lives are created by the amount of self-love we have - this is the perfect book to help any woman create a life she loves! Thanks Nancy!!" - Leigha Baker, Love And Relationship Coach For Women



Being women in the modern day world, whether we weigh 300 pounds or 103 pounds, we all have this in common: We want to look and feel beautiful. As my best friend Jacquelyn worked as an editor and I was a plus size model in the mix with all of the industry’s professionals, we began to make up a list of easy beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips to help ourselves feel sexy in an instant. It was our hope in sharing our knowledge, we are helping find that confident, attractive woman that is in us all. As best friends and authors of the book we can say that we practice what we preach... we have used every single tip that is written in the book!

-  Nancy Hayssen & Jackie Quinonez (Authors & Best Friends) at the Copacabana NYC







Almost every day I apply these tips .. and have so for the past 20 years -- all shared in this little book. Easy to read. Easy to follow. My hope is to share with you the same feeling that has given me CONFIDENCE  to feel and look amazing.

Benefits you will receive: 
 gaining confidence at any size, weight or age  
 attracting people to you
 loving and accepting yourself
 feeling sexy in your body, more energy
 attracting what you desire other areas of your life
 being attractive to the opposite sex

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